Port Networks

Smart Wi-Fi Networks

Smartphone, tablet, and laptop users all need fast, wireless Internet access, and you can draw them into your location by offering Smart Wi-Fi from Port Networks.

We build and operate Wi-Fi networks for residential, commercial, and government customers. We provide and install all of the equipment, so you can get started at minimal cost. We also perform all maintenance and technical support, so you and your staff can concentrate on your core business.

Adding Smart Wi-Fi won't change the way you do business. We'll install one or more access points in an unobtrusive location, and connect them to the Internet through a small wireless link located on your roof. If your customers have a question about connecting, they call us. The only change you should notice is more customers, spending more time at your location.


Our monthly rates for Smart Wi-Fi networks includes equipment, installation, maintenance, and support -- everything you need to get started.

Single Smart Wi-Fi Access Point, with backhaul
Additional Smart Wi-Fi Access Point

Our base pricing assumes a 12-month contract. With a 24-month contract, we can usually waive the cost of equipment installation.

For a free, no obligation site survey, please call (410) 637-3707 or send an email to us at sales@portnetworks.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my Smart Wi-Fi network available only to paying customers?

Yes, we can use a passphrase to limit access to your network. As an option, we can also generate unique codes allowing a set amount of Internet access for each customer.

Can I use my Smart Wi-Fi network to promote my business or communicate with customers?

Our standard Smart Wi-Fi network includes placing your logo on the network's welcome page. As an option, we can tailor that page to include further advertising or customer updates.

Can I sell Wi-Fi to customers at my location?

As an option, we can redirect customers to a sign up page where they will have to open a paid account in order to access your network.

Will my employees have to help customers connect to my network?

Full technical support is included with all Smart Wi-Fi networks, so you and your employees can concentrate on your core business.