Port Networks

Bandwidth to Your Building

Port Networks offers scalable, low-latency data connections for organizations that don't want to depend on the telephone network for Internet access. Whether you need a backup circuit or a primary feed, we can deliver bandwidth to just about anywhere, at a price that's much lower than the competition.

While many companies offer Internet access, most depend on a Verizon circuit to reach you. The local loop charge for using that circuit often doubles the cost of an Internet connection.

We use commercial-grade wireless equipment (the same gear deployed by cell phone companies and Wall Street traders) to bypass the copper telephone network entirely. This can cut your cost in half, while ensuring that your connection to the Internet isn't cut by a backhoe operator.

Whether you're looking to complement an existing connection, increase your available bandwidth, or lower your monthly bill, Port Networks can deliver the results you need.


Our monthly rates for commercial Internet access depend on the amount of bandwidth (or transit) required, and the cost of delivery (transport) to your location. We price each connection individually, but here are a few examples:

2Mbps/2Mbps (on a 5Mbps UNII link)
5Mbps/5Mbps (on a 5Mbps UNII link)
20Mbps/20Mbps (on a 50Mbps licensed link)
100Mbps/100Mbps (on a 100Mbps licensed link)

Our base pricing assumes a 24-month contract. With a 36-month contract, we can usually waive the cost of equipment installation.

To request a quote, please call (410) 637-3707 or send an email to us at sales@portnetworks.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using a wireless link expose our data to security risks?

The widespread use of amateur Wi-Fi has given wireless a bad reputation. In truth, a properly configured wireless link is at least as secure as an equivalent wired connection. Our links use pencil-thin beams of signal that would be extremely difficult to intercept, and if they were intercepted the datastream would be almost impossible to decipher. For the ultimate in protection, we offer AES encryption as an option.

What latency does a wireless link add to my connection?

For links of 5Mbps or less, the Motorola equipment we use adds approximately 20ms of latency (delay) between you and the Internet. For links above 5Mbps, we deploy equipment that introduces less than 5ms of latency.

Will I receive a static IP address with my connection?

All of our commercial connections include at least one static IP address (e.g. for the Wide Area Network (WAN) interface of your router. Connections that utilize more bandwidth are allocated additional static IP addresses. If you have specific requirements, we can usually meet them.

Does Port Networks offer a Service Level Agreement?

All of our commercial Internet connections are covered by an aggressive Service Level Agreement that sets targets for service activation, network availability, network latency, and packet delivery. If our network is unavailable for more than 30 minutes in a month, our customers are credited one full day of payment for each cumulative hour of service interruption. To review the details of our SLA, please visit our Policies page.