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Marina Networks

As a marina owner or operator, you know that transients and liveaboards both expect Wi-Fi Internet access to be available from their slips. If your marina doesn't have a Wi-Fi network, or you're hearing complaints about the network you do have, we can help.

Using commercial-grade equipment from Ruckus Wireless, we can design and build a network that provides excellent signal strength throughout your marina, while standing up to the punishment of a marine environment. Our marina networks use dual-band, meshing access points to move data efficiently from the Internet to each of your slips.

Depending on your preference, we can make your marina network available to everyone, or we can build a portal that lets you limit access to paying slipholders and guests.


Because it was originally designed to support a handful of users over short distances, standard Wi-Fi often fails when deployed for large numbers of users, or across wide areas -- particularly when those areas include a forest of aluminum masts.

We deploy Smart Wi-Fi networks in which each access point is managed by a central controller to ensure optimum network performance. Using intelligent, high-gain directional antenna systems, we can form, focus, and direct Wi-Fi signals. Software on the controller automatically directs client traffic to specific access points, and switches between available channels on the fly. This steers signals around interference, obstructions, and obstacles to deliver unprecedented coverage and consistent performance.

To carry traffic from the local Wi-Fi network to and from the Internet, we work with both large carriers and independent providers to identify and provision the best possible backhaul solution. We ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth in place to support all of a network's applications, from email to video streaming.


Our price for marina networks depends on the size of the facility, the expected number of users, and the cost of delivering bandwidth to the location. Please Request an Estimate and we will provide a detailed quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my transients for Wi-Fi access?

Yes, we can set up your marina network to require everyone who wants Internet access to sign up for an account. You can set different prices for different types of accounts. For example, transients might be charged a daily fee, while slipholders with contracts could receive a free account.

What do I have to provide?

We ask our marina customers to provide pole mounts (10' - 16' tall) with power at various locations throughout their marina. Once those are in place, we can install the meshing access points, controller, router, and other gear to make Wi-Fi available.

How many access points will I need for my marina?

While it's impossible to determine how many access points a given marina will need without going through a full design process, our rule of thumb for providing high-performance Wi-Fi is one access point per 30 slips. With fewer access points, some users may require additional hardware (like our Marine Wireless Bridge products) in order to maintain a strong connection to the network.

Can I lease a system?

Yes, Port Networks can provide lease and rental rates in addition to a quote for the purchase of a system.

What about support?

We provide hardware support through the equipment's warranty period (usually one year from installation). We can also provide end-user support for either a flat monthly fee, or on a per-call basis.