Port Networks

Smart Ethernet for Apartments & Condos

With Smart Ethernet, we've brought the speed and convenience of an office network home to apartment and condominium residents.

In buildings where the service is available, we connect each of our customers to the building's main router through Cat5 Ethernet cabling. This allows us to deliver connection speeds up to 100Mbps, faster than any other residential Internet access. Private Wi-Fi is available as an option, through the installation of an in-unit wireless router.

If you live in a building that doesn't have a Smart Ethernet network, ask your building manager or condo board to contact us. As long as conduit is available, we'll install a system free-of-charge for buildings with 75 or more units.

Service Plans

We offer monthly and quarterly billing for Smart Ethernet connections, which are available at several performance levels:

  • 5Mbps inbound / 2Mbps outbound
  • 15Mbps inbound / 5Mbps outbound
  • 40Mbps inbound / 10Mbps outbound

For units already wired for Ethernet, Smart Ethernet service can be activated immediately. If your unit requires installation of Ethernet cabling, we can usually complete that work within 3-5 days of your order.

To sign up for any of these service plans, please connect to the Port Networks wireless network at your location and choose the Private Wi-Fi option.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm moving, how do I close my account?

If you don't have any of our equipment, simply click the button at left labeled Turn Off Auto Renewal and provide your account information. When your current month of service ends, your account will become inactive and you won't be charged again.

If you do have equipment from us, please return it to Port Networks in person or through a traceable carrier. When we receive your returned equipment, we will turn off automatic renewal for you.

Am I under contract?

No, you may turn off automatic renewal on your account at any time. When your current month of service ends, your account will become inactive and you won't be charged again.

Do I need to configure my router to work with Smart Ethernet?

Our connections come with an endpoint router already configured for your account. This router provides an Ethernet port for wired devices, and a local Wi-Fi network for wireless devices.