Port Networks

Single-Family Internet Access

Whether you're in a rowhouse or a standalone building, Port Networks can fill your home with high-speed Wi-Fi, no cable service or phone line required.

We begin by setting up a dedicated 5GHz wireless link connecting you to our citywide backbone network. At your end of the link, we'll install a small transceiver (about the size of a pizza) outside. Inside your home, we'll install a wireless router that connects to the transceiver and creates a Private Wi-Fi network for everyone in your household to use. Complete setup usually takes about an hour-and-a-half.

Our Single-Family Internet Access is faster than DSL, and 25% less expensive than cable Internet. Installation appointments are usually available the same week you order, so you won't have to wait long to get online.

Service Plans

Our Standard service (8Mbps/2Mbps) is $50 per month with a one-time $100 installation charge. Premium service (16Mbps/4Mbps) is $75 per month, with free installation. Our Premium Plus package (32Mbps/8Mbps) includes a managed router with remote monitoring and free on-site support , and is $125 per month. With all of our plans, we charge $150 for equipment removal if you discontinue service within the first 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm moving, how do I close my account?

Please contact us to schedule an equipment removal appointment. At that time, our technicians will disconnect the transceiver from outside your home. Any indoor wireless router we provide during installation remains your property.

Am I under contract?

You can discontinue service at any time. However, because of the labor involved in installing and removing equipment, we do charge $100 for equipment removal if you discontinue service within the first 12 months.

How do I configure my router to work with Single Family Internet Access?

Our connections come with a dynamically generated IP address (e.g. that uniquely identifies your connection to the Internet. When setting up the Wide Area Network (WAN) of your router, choose DHCP (not Static or Fixed IP) and your router will obtain an address automatically. For more assistance with router setup, please contact our Support crew.