Port Networks

Venue Networks

Anywhere large numbers of people gather, cellular data networks are likely to be overloaded. We can solve that problem with a high-capacity Smart Wi-Fi network that quickly connects patrons to the Internet, and reduces complaints about your venue.

Whether your facility is indoors, outdoors, or a combination or both, we can design and build a wireless network that provides expansive coverage at a reasonable price. We bring our experience in deploying temporary Smart Wi-Fi networks to every project we work on, even when we leave the network behind.

Wi-Fi makes a great free amenity, but we can also deploy a network that earns revenue through hourly or daily access charges. Whatever your business model, we can deliver the technology and design expertise to make your vision a reality.


Because it was originally designed to support a handful of users over short distances, standard Wi-Fi often fails when deployed for large numbers of users, or across wide areas.

We deploy Smart Wi-Fi networks in which each access point is managed by a central controller to ensure optimum network performance. Using intelligent, high-gain directional antenna systems, we can form, focus, and direct Wi-Fi signals. Software on the controller automatically directs client traffic to specific access points, and switches between available channels on the fly. This steers signals around interference, obstructions, and obstacles to deliver unprecedented coverage and consistent performance.

To carry traffic from the local Wi-Fi network to and from the Internet, we work with both large carriers and independent providers to identify and provision the best possible backhaul solution. We ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth in place to support all of a network's applications, from email to video streaming.


Our price for venue networks depends on the facility and the anticipated use of the network. Please Request an Estimate and we will provide a detailed quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my Event Wi-Fi network available only to paying customers?

Yes, we can use a passphrase to limit access to your network. As an option, we can also generate unique codes allowing a set amount of Internet access for each customer.