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Temporary Bandwidth

Whether you're hosting an event or working on a large project, sometimes you need more bandwidth than you already have available. We can help.

Using a fixed wireless link or satellite connection, we can deliver the Internet access you need for whatever length of time you need it. Unlike most telecom companies, we don't require a two-year agreement. We can provide service for a single day, if that's all you require.

We also understand the difference between a good Internet connection and a mediocre one. Our engineers design connections that deliver the lowest possible latency and highest possible reliability atttainable at your location, and monitor your connection's performance throughout the time you're using it.

Indoors or outdoors, urban or rural -- we have a bandwidth solution that will keep you connected wherever you are.


When delivering bandwidth on a temporary basis, we usually rely on one of two technologies: a fixed wireless link or a satellite connection.

A fixed wireless link is made up of two transmitters communicating across the earth's surface, at a distance of up to 30 miles. Depending on the location and project requirements, we might use FCC-licensed frequencies to maximize reliability, or license-free frequencies to minimize cost. We typically deploy equipment manufactured by Ubiquiti, Cambium, Cielo, or Bridgewave. With our standard gear, we can move up to 1000Mbps of data with less than 5 millisecond latency (delay) over the link.

A satellite connection requires an earthbound transceiver communicating with an orbiting communications satellite. We typically deploy a 6 watt transmitter and a 1.2 meter dish, with 20:1 or better contention. While a satellite connection can provide service to almost any location in the continental U.S., it's generally capable of moving less than 10Mbps of data, at a higher cost per Mbps, and it will introduce latency of 400-600 milliseconds.


Our price for temporary bandwidth depends on the bandwidth desired, the location where it will be delivered, the technology required to reach that location, and the amount of time the bandwidth is needed. Given all these variables, please Request an Estimate and we will provide a detailed quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I use MyFi devices to connect to the Internet?

MyFi devices typically make a data connection over a cellular phone network, then share that connection using short-range Wi-Fi. Using one, up to a half-dozen devices can get connected. The problem is that cellular data connections are slow to begin with, and usually get much slower once a large number of cell phone users all congregate in one location (especially if that location is under-served by cellular towers). For anything that's close to mission-critical, we recommend dedicated bandwidth.