Port Networks

Onsite ISP

These days, ticketing, production, and event administration all rely on having access to a high-speed network before and during an event. For fairs, festivals, and sports events in temporary venues, building and operating that network can be a logistical challenge.

We can solve that challenge by providing Onsite ISP services at your event. Our staff will arrive during setup to install wired and wireless links between venue locations, making sure every functional group has the connection they need. We maintain an inventory of routers, switches, point-to-point links, access points, cables, and other network components, so we can build a complete, temporary network quickly and cost-effectively.

Once the network is built, we can provide one or more network admins for the duration of your event, to manage the network and address last-minute contingencies.

As your Onsite ISP, we can support the teams behind your event in many different ways:


  • Box office connections to enable electronic transactions
  • Wireless networks for ticket scanning


  • Trailer connections for email and Internet access
  • Wireless networks for crew mobile devices

Event Administration

  • Trailer/green room connections for artists or athletes
  • Wireless networks for hospitality tents and reception areas
  • Onsite networks for site operations
  • Internet connections for quartermaster transactions


  • Internet access for reception and meeting areas
  • Connections for product demos and audio/video streaming


  • Wireless connectivity for POS devices
  • Internet connections for ATMs
  • Communications for security and maintenance


  • Wi-Fi offload for overloaded cellular networks
  • Connections for kiosks and event cybercafes


Normally, we price our Onsite ISP services based on the equipment required for the event and the labor involved in installing and operating that equipment.

We rent our equipment by the day or week; setup and tear-down time counts as part of the rental, and there is a two day minimum. (If your one-day event runs from 12 pm to 11 pm on the 10th, for example, we would typically set up the afternoon of the 9th and tear down the morning of the 11th. The 48 hours from the start of set up to the end of tear down would count as a two day rental.)

All of our labor charges are based on daily and weekly rates for the type of personnel required.

For a detailed quote specific to your event, please Request an Estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bill different services to different clients?

Yes, we recognize that events are often collaborations between multiple partners, each of which has unique networking needs and requirements. When necessary, it's our practice to contract with different entities independently, to help everyone allocate costs appropriately.