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Event Wi-Fi

Any geek with a wireless router can get 5-10 people online, but what if you need to get 50-100 (or maybe even 5,000) people connected to the Internet? We're experts in designing, building, and supporting temporary wireless networks that can satisfy large numbers of users with exacting bandwidth requirements.

Our Event Wi-Fi networks can support multiple applications, including:

  • Providing Internet access for attendees with laptops
  • Offloading data traffic from smartphones and tablets, to ease 3G/4G congestion
  • Online payment processing for concessions and vendors
  • Wireless ticket scanning/authentication

We can support both indoor and outdoor events, including:

  • Conferences, meetings, and trade shows
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Motor sports and athletic events
  • RV and boat gatherings


Because it was originally designed to support a handful of users over short distances, standard Wi-Fi often fails when deployed for large numbers of users, or across wide areas.

We deploy Smart Wi-Fi networks in which each access point is managed by a central controller to ensure optimum network performance. Using intelligent, high-gain directional antenna systems, we can form, focus, and direct Wi-Fi signals. Software on the controller automatically directs client traffic to specific access points, and switches between available channels on the fly. This steers signals around interference, obstructions, and obstacles to deliver unprecedented coverage and consistent performance.

To carry traffic from the local Wi-Fi network to and from the Internet, we work with both large carriers and independent providers to identify and provision the best possible backhaul solution. We ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth in place to support all of a network's applications, from email to video streaming.


Our estimates for an event are typically based on the time required for pre-event planning (network design, sourcing bandwidth for the network, logistics) and the time required onsite (network deployment, management, and removal). We provide most networking equipment (routers, switches, access points, cables, etc.) as part of our standard event pricing, and cover our own travel expenses. When we source bandwidth from a local provider, we pass through that cost without markup. For more details, please Request an Estimate.

The following are examples of typical prices for deploying Smart Wi-Fi at an event:

Indoor Event, 250 Users, 1 Day | $4,485 + bandwidth

One day of pre-event planning, two days onsite for setup, operation, and removal. Includes most networking equipment and end-user technical support.

Indoor Event, 1000 Users, 3 Days | $8,970 + bandwidth

Two days of pre-event planning, four days onsite for setup, operation, and removal. Includes most networking equipment and end-user technical support.

Outdoor Event, 2500 Users, 3 Days | $14,950 + bandwidth

Four days of pre-event planning, six days onsite for setup, operation, and removal. Includes most networking equipment and end-user technical support.

What we provide is equivalent to full-service catering, and that's more expensive than sending everyone to the vending machines for lunch. We add value by deploying networks that can support more users, and more traffic, than almost any venue's in-house Wi-Fi system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my Event Wi-Fi network available only to paying attendees?

Yes, we can use a passphrase to limit access to your network. As an option, we can also generate unique codes allowing a set amount of Internet access for each attendee.

Can I use my Event Wi-Fi network to promote my event or communicate with attendees?

Our standard Event Wi-Fi network includes placing your logo on the network's welcome page. As an option, we can tailor that page to include further advertising or customer updates.

Can I sell Wi-Fi to customers at my event?

As an option, we can redirect customers to a sign up page where they will have to open a paid account in order to access your network.

Will my event staff have to help customers connect to my network?

Full technical support is included with all Event Wi-Fi networks, so you and your employees can concentrate on your event. As an option, we can also provide one or more on-site technicians to support your network during your event.