Port Networks

About Port Networks

Port Networks is a privately held, Baltimore-based company that builds and operates residential and commercial networks in its local region, provides temporary networks to event organizers across the country, and designs marine Wi-Fi systems for recreational and commercial clients around the world. Port Networks was organized in 2002, and is incorporated in the state of Maryland.

Our headquarters and Support Center are located on the 25th floor of the World Trade Center building at the edge of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Our downtown Network Operation Center features redundant Internet connections, backup power, electronic security, and 24-hour monitoring.

To be ready to quickly deploy temporary networks in remote locations, we have a trained team of installers on call, and a full inventory of networking, satellite downlink, and infrastructure equipment on hand. We're able to support both indoor and outdoor events at very competitive rates.

Building on our experience installing custom Wi-Fi systems for yachts and commercial vessels, we launched our own line of marine Wi-Fi products in 2006. Since then, we have continued to develop and refine our equipment to ensure that it delivers the best possible performance in a marine environment.

Our Capabilities

  • Network Design & Construction for both indoor and outdoor environments, utilizing wired and wireless infrastrucure
  • Communications Installations for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections, utilizing licensed and license-free spectrum
  • Cambium Certified ISP Wireless Broadband Service Provider
  • Licensed Security Systems Agency State of Maryland License #107-1134

Behind Our Logo

For centuries before the advent of wireless communication, sailors used signal flags to communicate between ships. Each of these flags represented both a letter of the alphabet, and -- for faster communication -- a commonly used phrase. The 'K' flag that serves as the basis for our logo was used to signal that a ship was "ready to communicate." Though we have more efficient communications tools these days, our corporate signal flies in tribute to Baltimore, its seafaring history, and our commitment to serve all those who are ready to communicate today.